Tips to writing a great dating profile


Concerning online dating, writing a dating profile that stands out is essential. Of course, you have done your homework and picked the right online dating service. You have chosen an amazing photo for your profile. 

You send emails and chat. Even so, you still don’t get a lot of emails or even replies from other people, and the few you get are from people you don’t even care about remotely. What did not go well?

It’s a safe bet that your online profile is killing your chances. It’s surprising how many people carefully answer questionnaires and then rush to write their profile just so they have something to post and get started right away. 

Unfortunately, your written profile is the most important part of your presentation to other members of the dating service, so if you’re not paying attention, you’re probably sending the wrong message.

Below are secrets for writing an online dating profile that will get people to respond to your ad in droves.

A picture is better than a thousand words

Let’s face it, looks are everything. I cannot stress this enough! In the world of online dating, you don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression. 

The first thing a woman sees when online is her picture. It means you have to show your best face. Don’t take old photos with you and your boys, or you and your ex-girlfriend, and post them online. 

You want the focus to be exclusively on you, in the best light. 

You can always hire a professional photographer and take your photos professionally. Yes, it costs a few hundred dollars, but it’s worth it. They do your hairstyle, makeup and lighting. Nothing beats a professional photo.

Choose the correct display name

After professionally crafting your mug, you need to choose a screen name that appeals to the opposite gender. For example, as a guy I like to think of cool names like “Smooth32”, “Loverboy13” and other names that sound “cool”. 

The problem with these pseudonyms is that they tell women that you don’t really want to find a girlfriend.

For example, “Loverboy13” suggests that he is a playboy and is just looking to have fun. Now, all of this is suitable if you are just looking for a night out or a casual date. But if you are looking for something serious, you better choose names that sound respectable, like “NiceGuy32”, “GoodChef50” or “Gentleman42”. 

These names sound respectable and make women feel like you’re a nice guy.

Fill only important information

Dating sites ask us to fill in every detail of our lives – even the parts that no one else’s business, especially a girl you’ve never met. Do not answer all questions online. One of the reasons is that if you answer all of the questions there will be nothing more to converse about.

Some questions do not apply to you

Not all questions are meant to be answered. You shouldn’t answer “How much money are you making?” this question tends to attract minors.

Things you should avoid

Annoying profile information

Boring or generic personal ads don’t stand out from the crowd. There are thousands of other people who say they “love going to the movies, eating out and spending romantic nights with that special someone”. Who doesn’t like these things?

Instead, focus on what makes you unique. Are you a history fan? Have you hiked the Appalachian Trail? What is it about you that other people will read and say, “This is really interesting!”

Misleading Profile Title

The first thing people read is the title of your profile. If it catches their interest for the wrong reasons, you are doing yourself a disservice. 

There is a fine line between interesting and cheeky. If you are looking for a serious relationship, a headline that screams: “Try to see me, it will be an unforgettable night!” you are likely to receive more than a few emails from men looking for casual sex.

There’s nothing wrong with being smart with the headline – as long as you’re honest with yourself and what you’re looking for.

Sloppy profile

Don’t write your profile late at night and post without seeing it again. It’s a good idea to have someone else review it as well. Spelling mistakes, typos and bad grammar are huge disincentives. They make others feel like you aren’t very smart, don’t have a basic education, or just don’t care. If your profile is sloppy, many people will assume you’re sloppy too.

Negative or needy profile

If you visit an online dating site, you will find these eye-opening profiles that reveal that someone just hasn’t gotten over their last bad relationship. His defensive and suspicious profile looks like a warning sign. 

Whatever you do, don’t mention your last relationship in an online profile! Your profile should be about you and your hopes for the future; this is no place to dissect your last relationship.

Exaggerated phrases that are both insulting and weird include “No mind games, please” or “Looking for Mr. right after giving up Mr. Wrong”, or “Can you mend my broken heart? ? ” People sign up for dating services to find someone who is ready to move on. They don’t want to be your therapist or mend your broken ego. 

Rude comments about previous relationships and warnings about your fragility will NOT give you the right kind of interest.

Do everything for you

Don’t write a long profile about yourself and then forget to talk about what you’re looking for on a date. Mention some personality traits and interests that you would like to share with someone. 

If you are an antique enthusiast, suggest that you might like to find someone to accompany you on weekend trips to shop for antiques. Is sport your beach? Mention that you are looking for someone to join you from time to time in the arena.

Add exciting activities you love to do

For example, if you are good at fencing, definitely put it on your profile. Remember, you don’t want to overwhelm your profile with boring and unnecessary information. Less is more.


With all being said, you can also read as many interesting profiles as possible, then wait a few days before going back and reading yours. Looking at it with new eyes may surprise you. 

Maybe it’s boring or too general, or maybe you’re projecting an overly sexual message that you didn’t want, or maybe you’re full of negativity. 

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