Singapore Girls – A Dating Guru’s Perspective


Every guy I meet, whether be it at work, or in my University, almost always tend to have a fixed mindset about the Singapore dating scene. Firstly they have a very traditional mindset that dating success, when it comes to Singapore girls, is something you either have, or do not. You are either born with it, or you are left to ponder the what ifs.

Second of all, they also tend to think that they are at a disadvantage compared to the foreign expatriates who will always have the “so called” Sarong party girls going after them. Many guys here tend to think, that they are usually left with the leftovers, the not so fancied of the Singapore girls. In truth, the only handicap that local guys have in the Singapore dating scene, is this mindset of being inferior, and not allowing themselves to improve.

I have dated a prom queen from a certain junior college, a FHM cover model and some real beautiful local women, inside and out. Let me tell you guys, the reason our Caucasian friends seem to do better then local guys has nothing to do with being a foreigner. It has to do with their mindset and mentality.

Gender Divide

Most Singaporean guys and girls are brought up with a clear gender divide. That guys have to behave like a gentlemen, even if the girl is just a friend of his. This mindset from young makes many guys treat girls differently then they would treat guys. They might be all fun and laughter with their guy friends and then to their female counterparts, behave all gentlemanly and boring. Being gentlemanly ends up being letting women step all over you. Now, why would a girl want a nice, boring and traditional male as their partner whom they can step all over?

Most foreign guys, caucasians especially, were never born with such a mindset. The gender divide is a lot less in countries like America and England. This meant that guys there mostly treat their male and female counterparts the same way. They will not suddenly freeze up, start sweating profusely and act in a fake manner towards women.

This also means they are a lot more playful with women, and wouldn’t think twice of tickling their female friend, carrying them over their shoulder and throwing them in the pool, or smacking their derriere in a friendly playful manner. Now which guy seems more appealing? The boring local, or the crazy foreigner?

I do not know about you guys, but if I were a Singapore girl, I would go for the crazy playful guy.

So you see, the difference is not in the race, its in the mentality. Its your belief system.

Belief System

Your belief system is crucial as it dictates success in every area of your life. Women can smell insecurity and a lack of confidence a mile away and these beliefs will ruin your dating life in Singapore. The Beliefs that you hold is one of the key elements that dictates the success of your dating life. You might be a millionaire with a condominium and a Porsche but if you believe deep inside that a certain girl is above your league than it will become true. (Think about it, someday some guy is going to get that girl, why cant that guy be you?)

Most people spend most of the day talking NEGATIVELY to themselves instead of talking POSITIVELY. That is one of the biggest cause of low self-esteem, giving up or lack of interest in even trying.

If you tell yourself something enough times, you will begin to believe it. Trust me, it’s a scientifically proven fact. This new belief will take on a mind of its own and start creating its own self talk. Most people with negative self belief also have negative self talk that creates a self-fulfilling prophesy. If that is you, STOP RIGHT NOW.

How would you walk if you believed you could make any Singapore girl feel great inside?

How would you talk if you already believed any woman would be attracted to you?

How would you act if you were the kind of man that women dream about?

How would the expression on your face be if you knew that no one but you could give the woman sitting across you the time of her life?

Follow the all important principle of “Fake it til you make it”. Keep acting like it until eventually you will be the guy that girls want. Especially Singapore girls.

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