Side effects of online dating

side effects of online dating

While considering going for online dating, there are very important things you should know about the world of online dating and the effects it can have on your life. Online dating can be dangerous for your health. Online dating is no different from others, there are risks. But, if you are aware of the risks before you get involved, everything will be fine. Below are few disadvantages of online dating

  • Deceits

Another risk of online dating is; on many sites, members are only looking for “adult friends”. This is an unspoken code for: Interested only in casual sex partners. And if you look a little deeper, most of the members are already in a relationship.

As the website is intended for singles, the relationship status of the profile will always be one of the following: separate, involved, dating or not secure.

When a member makes it very clear that their interest is 100% sexual, immediately stop all communications and block them.

  • Online dating can be deadly.

Nowadays, everyone tries to be different and stands out for being memorable. It’s the same for dating. Everyone is looking for this “unique” date idea that will be fun, engaging, and original and that will melt your potential combination and fall in love with you. Dating is a game as old as time itself. There are not many things that humans have not yet done. We all had dinner, we all went to the movies and we all played bowling. What else is there? In our attempt to be original on all dates, we started doing stupid things, like skydiving. What if the parachute does not open? You may be going camping. What if you are eaten by a bear? You may go sailing. What if the boat capsizes and you drown? Meeting all of these people through online dating and trying to be something original in your life is risky. If you’re not careful, online dating can lead to death.

  • Fraud

Avoid dating sites that do not offer a free initial trial. It’s a clear sign that their website is shaky and they want to make sure their money is paid in advance.

The reason is; many sites continue to create inactive member profiles for more than 90 days. This is the only way to know if the members you are interested in are still on that specific site and are still available.

  • Online dating ruins your personal life.

Since there are only many hours in a day to see family and friends and experience these healthy joys, the time consumed by online dating can be detrimental. Okay, you want to try online dating, but at what cost? Online dating is addictive and easy. Once you start, you won’t stop until you find your “perfect match”

Have you ever noticed that the good things in life are often shared with family or close friends? If you go online, you will have less time for the same family and friends, which is not healthy. These joys, the good things, make us happy. Soon you will be spending so much time going out that you will never see your family or friends. If this happens, you will not have “happy connectivity” in your life, which can lead to many health problems, such as depression.

  • Unnecessary stalking

 One of the biggest risks of online dating is the “Stalkers” online and there is no way to get rid of it. When it is clear that you are dealing with a stalker, stop responding and block him immediately.

Some of the “hard core pursuers” will create more than one profile. But if you really pay attention to their profile and their emails, you can identify duplicate profiles. Block them too!

  • Can cause an STD (sexually transmitted disease)

Those who go online find an abundance of interesting and attractive people. What is unfortunate is that when two interested people go on “dates”, it invariably leads to sex. The more sex you have, the more likely you are to get a sexually transmitted disease. Pay attention! STDs can cause death if you are not careful. If STDs don’t scare you, why not become sexaholic? Or even a sexaholic with a non-curable STD?


Online dating can be a dangerous game. If you want to live a simple, ignorant and mean life with few friends and without adventure, do not make an appointment online if you are not aware of its risks. Online dating is for adventurous, inspired and modern individuals who seek to expand, grow and enrich their lives with moments and memories in which you cannot write, just live and enjoy. However, once you have overcome the risks of online dating, you can have fun!

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