Veivosaki me levei ena imatai ni tikinisiga


O ni sa nanamaki ka o leqataka talega na nomuni bose vata kei na nomuni veigadivi. O vinakata mo nomu vinaka duadua ena isulusulu, kaukauwa kei na veivosaki.

Eso na ka e dodonu mo kila ni bera ni o qai lako ena imatai ni nomu veigadivi. Ena kedra maliwa, na veika bibi mo nanuma tiko sai koya na veivosaki o bulia kei nomu itokani.

O na raica na nomu veigadivi vakavoleka sara ena imatai ni gauna.. O koya gona, mo kakua ni vakalialiai ni ko veivosakitaka na veika eso. Oqo sa sega ni gauna vinaka mo dolavi ira kina. Wilika me baleta eso na ka e sega ni dodonu me veivosakitaki ena imatai ni bose.


Na politiki e dua na ka e sega ni dodonu me veivosakitaki ena imatai ni gauna. Oqo e dua na ulutaga e dau vakatarogi ka gadrevi kina e levu na vakasama kei na kila-ka. O na sega ni kila kevaka e dua na ilawalawa veisaqasaqa o nomu itokani. O koya gona, oqo e dua na ulutaga e sega ni dodonu me veivosakitaki ena itekivu ni dua na tikinisiga. Tovolea mo levea na politiki kevaka e tukuni ena veivosaki.

Me baleta na matavuvale

Na tamata kece e tiko na noda matavuvale, ia e sega ni dodonu me veivosakitaki oqo ena imatai ni gauna. E dodonu mo ni vakayagataka vata na nomuni gauna digitaki oqo ni ko ni sa digitaka mo ni veigadivi kei na dua.
E vuqa sara na tamata lialia ena veitiki ni matavuvale ka sega ni dodonu me ulutaga ni veivosaki, ni rawa ni vakacacana na ivakarau ni yalo ena yasana ruarua. E dau vinaka sara mo raica se o se sega ena dua ga na draunipepa ni bera ni o vakaogai ratou tiko na nomu matavuvale ena veivosaki.

Kakua ni tukuna e dua na ka me baleta na nomu lagilagi

Me ikuri ni nomu sega ni logaloga ca ena nomu veigadivi, they assume that you still have feelings for your ex and secretly hope to get back together. Your date will believe that you are not ready to move on and will give up trying to make the date a success. We all have exes and they are exes for a reason, so it’s not a conversation your date would like to share with you.


This is an uncomfortable subject to discuss. Whether you have a lot or not a lot, no one wants to hear you moaning about how you are, or hear you brag about how much you make or have in the bank. The only ones interested in your financial situation are those who are not interested in you, only your money. It is not a good idea to ask your appointment for information about their finances or how much they earn; it’s intrusive and discouraging. If they are interested in the real you, money does not matter.


Talking about sex and your sexual encounters on a first date is never a good idea. In addition to scaring your date, you run the risk of giving a bad impression and you seem to be looking for only one thing. This is a subject which may be discussed at a later date.

Your opinion on marriage

To meet is to meet someone and have fun; being on your first date doesn’t mean you will marry that person anytime soon. Don’t say on your date that you plan to get married in the next two years, then plan a honeymoon, then kids, kei na so tale. It definitely ruins the current climate. Keep the discussion very light and simple and try to stop talking about your future plans.When you talk about weddings and how many babies you would like to have, you do a good job of making sure there are no second dates.

Be positive

Always try to stay positive and talk about positive things. Talking about negative things won’t do you any good; it will bring all the mood of the date; so try to avoid all the sad stories you have. By being positive, your positivity will be transmitted to the people around you and you will show that you are a truly happy and secure person.

Do not criticize

Never criticize your date; it is useless and disturbing. If there is a part of your boyfriend’s life that they know, such as their appearance, their job or their way of speaking, do not make unnecessary comments about it. This is something they are aware of and that becoming a problem does not really help at all. When you criticize someone on a first date, intentional or not, you can be sure that a second date will not happen.

Avoid pet names

Never give your date a pet name on a first date. It may sound cute to you, but it is too early and your date will seem to have been taken directly into a serious relationship, not just a fun first date. If you want to reach a second date, use the real name.

Avoid unnecessary compliments

Try not to comment on anyone around you, either to praise or laugh at someone. When you complement someone else, you don’t meet the date and they don’t care, especially if you mention how attractive someone is. Veidredrevaki vei ira na tamata tale eso, o na rairai sega ni yalowai ka sega soti ni dua na tamata vinaka. Vakanamata tikoga ki na nomu veigadivi ka vakawalena o ira era tu wavoliti iko.

Me ikuri ni ulutaga e cavuti e cake, ena vinaka cake talega me da kakua ni veivosakitaka na nomu veimaliwai e liu. Na imatai ni nomu veigadivi e taleitaki ka o tiko ekea mo marau kina. Kania e dua na kakana digitaki, vakarorogo ki na ivakatagi, sarava vata e dua na iyaloyalo kei na danisi. Tovolea mo dau veitalanoataka tikoga vakabibi. Kevaka mo ni veilomani vakai kemuni, ko na rairai sota tale ka rawa ni waraka na veivosaki oqo me yacova na bose ka tarava. Me waqa tikoga na veivosaki, rawarawa ka veitaratara ka drau na marautaka ruarua na imatai ni bose.


E rawa ni dredre toka na veivosaki ena imatai ni veigadivi, ia na iotioti ni ka o vinakata oya ni ulutaga ni veivosaki na vuna a sega kina na tikinisiga. Se cava ga mo na veivosakitaka, vakadeitaka ni sega ni baleti iko na veika kece.

E vinaka me da vosa vakalailai me baleti iko, ia tovolea mo qarauna vinaka ka taleitaka talega na nomu veigadivi. E bibi sara na veivosaki, o koya mo vakaraitaka kina na nomu veigadivi ni rawa ni caka e dua na veivosaki vinaka.

Sa sogo na vakasama.