Dating Secrets – There is No Way You Will Get That Dream Girl of Yours!


If you ask me, I will tell you that I am no dating guru or wise love consultant who can teach you the ways to spill your love for the girl of your dream.

Then, what am I trying to tell you? It is simple. You can attract any beautiful girl or woman you want with the snap of your finger! Let me tell you my story. Once upon a time in a far far away land…

When I was in my teenage years, I had a problem with getting any girls that I took a fancy on. The very fact that she will reject me out flat if I asked her out gave me phobia and I would simply stuttered if I talk to the girl that I was going to ask out for a date. Much less about seducing any women!

Into my younger adult days, I slowly realised that I have the gift of bringing humour into all my conversations. This brought about many beautiful straight young women coming to me for chatting. But the important aspect of getting the girl sexually aroused and thereby seducing her was still not there. Why?

You see, when you have fun conversations with the other female party, the mood gets set and both of you feels closer to one another. But do not be surprised when the beautiful young woman gets swopped up by another of your colleague or friend in the blink of an eye! So how to attract women?

You did not do one thing clear – you did not engage your dream girl to a level where she feels sensually close to you or sexually aroused by you. That is the deal. Believe it.

When you become too close to someone, sometimes both of you become mutual friends to the point that the beautiful attractive young thing decided that it would be better to stay that way least she could not find someone to confine her sad moods or just to chat up with you for leisure. For leisure? What? You mean you have become a “girl” that she chats up with? Oh my God, that is the worst fear that you can have in having your dream girl think of you!

So what then?

It is simple. Follow my dating secrets and you cannot go wrong:-

1) Clean yourself off all the old fathers’ laws of attracting beautiful women. If you do not do this first, you will keep telling yourself that you cannot get her. The mind and heart and soul must be cleaned first and be released from old thoughts of losers.

2) Understand that all probabilities to attract beautiful straight young women still stands a chance of failure. There is no such thing as the perfect prince charming that all girls would just get a turn on. With that in mind, you will not be too worried when a pretty straight girl tells you that you are not for her.

3) My aim to bring out point two is simple. You need to get rid off the fear factor of talking to those beautiful demure creatures that God has showered upon us! It does not matter if your seduction game is successful or not. The more you hit on the girls, the more you will find yourself getting more confident in yourself.

Which comes to point number three. Confidence. Yes, you need this in order to move up to the level of men who can easily seduce their counterparts in the wink of an eye! Confidence can only be increased when you keep asking girls or any women out for a drink, a jog in the park, a chat at a coffee cafe or even to confine some sad mood of yours.

For starters, it does not have to be a seduction game. The aim is to boost your confidence level up ten times from where you are now. After all that initial poor morale and old ideas of brain-washing are done, you are ready to seduce any woman and you will finally stop asking yourself how to ever attract women!

4) Do not be her friend. As I have said earlier on, this will only make you a puppy that she can turn to! No! You do not want that! You want to be the tiger that she desires so much!

5) Humour her in all your conversations with the aim to arouse her sexuality. Go see all the James Bond movies if you must and learn the ways in which the 007 spy attracts beautiful women into the bed with him all the time!

6) Know the ways of articulate seduction. Instead of, “I would like you to lay with me on my bed right now!”, you could say, “I would like to know deep down in your heart what you are feeling and thinking right now. How about my place?”. When you say this, you gently put your hands to her chest without grabbing her breasts! When you create this type of sexual desire, your eyes must capture hers in a sincere, “I want to know you more deep down inside” sense of arousal. This immediately creates a sensual and sexual tension into her being and she will be drawn to you even more!

Before points five and six can be tested, you need to learn and practice them with your circle of friends or colleagues or family to become fluid with your words of sexuality and physical arousal. It can even be to a guy friend to test out your new laws of seduction! If you had seen the movie “Hitch” you will know the intention of practice is of utmost importance.

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