Dating Gurus – Which One Suits You?


Have you ever been so dumbfounded about what to do in dating and relationships that you’ve decided to seek “professional help”? Have you tried to find your own love doctor? Have you succumbed to soliciting advice from dating gurus just to get you through the ever-complicated world of dating? If you have, well then experience should teach you that dating gurus – no matter how helpful they are – can be more of a burden than an assistance to you if you fail to identify which expert adviser is best suited to cater to your needs. So read on and keep these guidelines in mind when you approach the next date doctor.

Not every dating guru can be right for you.

There are many dating experts that will offer their services to you, usually for a fee. However, the world wide web offers a wide selection of dating advisers that make use of free media to offer advice and answer queries from men and women alike who continue to be confounded by the intricacies of love and relationships. While it is, of course, ideal for you to make full use of these free services, you have to keep in mind that these pieces of advice might not cut it for you. Why? Because how much can you really share on forums or perhaps email? Most likely, you will leave out pertinent information regarding your situation that could be useful for your dating guru when he or she generates an advice. These dating gurus will then base their words of wisdom for you based only on the little information that you have provided. And as a result, the advice given may not work.

Dating gurus can help you better if you’re a match.

Women like to seek advice from fellow women—this is often an honest mistake among the gals. Women share the same line of thinking, more or less. So when it comes down to figuring out what goes on in the mind of a man, whom do you really go to? Not a woman. A man! So when you pick out a dating guru, try approaching a guy. Get the guy’s point of view, for once. You have your best girl friends to tell you all the female pulse you need. What you actually need is a man’s insight. Who better to tell you about what certain guy codes mean and how gestures should be interpreted than the guys themselves!

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