Date a Model


If you are an average looking guy, can you date a model? The answer is absolutely yes! But thinking about models, and the glamorous lifestyle that models have, where can you meet those beautiful women? If you are not a celebrity or a male model, is there a chance for you to find a beautiful model quality woman? If you are looking to meet single models, I will tell you how and where you can meet them.

You’ve probably heard of modeling social networks. If you have, it’s good. But don’t leave in a rush to join such social network. Modeling networks are for professionals only. They are designated for models to meet photographers, stylists, makeup artists and others in the industry. In fact, many models get tired to be hit on all the time on those social networks and many of those beautiful women are married or are in relationships. Don’t even try that avenue. You are only making enemies and you will be banned from a modeling social network once they find our that you don’t belong.
Another avenue that many men will try is mainstream social networks such as myspace or facebook. However, the same rules apply there. Models who are in relationships clearly state that they are looking for professional contact and professional networking, meaning they are looking to get hired. So if you write to a model offering her to go out on a date, she will simply block you on myspace and you will make an enemy. Worse yet, she will tell other models whom she knows through social channels about the stalker who wouldn’t leave her alone on myspace and you will have a bad reputation forever.


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